Professional Disc Jockey (DJ) Service for Weddings, Receptions & Events in CNY

One of Central New York’s premiere Mobile DJ Services, Sound Decision offers a highly professional, but affordable Disc Jockey option for events of all kind.

Looking for a traditional music service that doesn’t overpower your event and respects your wishes?  Their goal is to provide a professional service that accommodates your needs throughout the process, not just the day of your event.  They can share their years of experience, working hundreds of events, to help you plan a day to remember for a lifetime.

Not everyone is looking for lit-up DJ tables with large flat screen TVs atop lighted columns.  Sound Decision works to keep expenses low to offer a quality music service that won’t break the bank.  Letting you plan an event where the thing that shines the brightest is you.

Finding the right DJ service is important!  To understand your wishes, they will work together prior to your event and establish the music selections desired to create the atmosphere you are looking for.  They believe your guests are there to share a special moment with you and will work to keep you the center of their attention.  If you’re looking for a DJ that runs around in funny hats and blow-up guitars, Sound Decision Mobile DJ Service is not the right DJ service for you.

Live bands are great, but a professional DJ service can offer a variety of artists, genre and styles to create a fun, vibrant atmosphere.  You might need festive, upbeat background music during your cocktail hour, then relaxing background music during dinner, followed by the hottest hits from yesterday and today to pack the dance floor throughout the rest of the evening!  With over 15 years experience, Sound Decision understands the importance of constantly monitoring your event for the right tempo and using the power of music to move people according to your planning.

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