Owner Amy Dawson spent her childhood around baked goods. Her mom took a cake decorating class when she was a preschooler, and she eagerly watched her create cake after cake for her weekly assignments. Her mother loved to bake for all the special occasions in the family, and Amy learned to decorate by watching.

Her passion with baking started with her Easy-bake oven when she was 7. She created all kinds of treats for her dad, who happily devoured every creation. As she entered her teen years, whenever her parents were out of the kitchen, Amy was in it creating fun cakes and baking all sorts of treats.

Amy pursued Studio Art and Math in college and when her kids were young, Amy decided to marry her passions of baking and art by creating Emoticakes.

She enjoys the opportunity to bake for celebrations, birthdays, weddings, and just for enjoying! Amy offers cake of the month, wedding tastings, decorating classes, wedding favors, and wholesale pricing.

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